Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services Gears Up To Meet Requests On Tweaking Policies Addressing Concerns On Drinking At Work

  • October 6, 2023 9:15 PM
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Manchester, United Kingdom, 6th Oct 2023 – Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services has rounded up its experts to cater to clients seeking clarifications and changes in policies related to drinking alcohol-free beverages while working. With remote work settings and the approaching party season, clients will need to clarify the policies with their workers and tread carefully so as not to result in unfair dismissal.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services Gears Up To Meet Requests On Tweaking Policies Addressing Concerns On Drinking At Work

In today’s dynamic work environment, companies need to ensure their workplace policies continue to meet changing trends and needs. Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services understands the importance of staying current, especially in light of the increasing popularity of alcohol-free beverages. This trend is particularly relevant as more people continue to work from home, where traditional office etiquette often gives way to a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Need For Specific Non-Alcoholic Drink Rules

Companies put alcohol restrictions in place to avert possible effects these drinks could have on workers’ capacity to make decisions and complete their assigned tasks. The main objective is to keep everyone within work hours safe, and if violated, would result in disciplinary action.

Alcohol-free beverages are an entirely different matter, and if there’s no clear set of rules on this, and the employer dismisses his worker for drinking them, he or she could face complaints of unfair dismissal.

“Employers should be careful not to treat the consumption of alcohol-free beverages in the same way as consuming alcohol, i.e., an allegation of gross misconduct leading to potential summary dismissal, but a breach of the rules could lead to disciplinary action as long as those rules are clear,” Chris Garner, Managing Director at Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services said. “Employers should look at their policies, and if they do wish to take a stand on the consumption of alcohol-free beverages at work, their rules and procedures should refer to this.

Employers may want to outline their rules on the restriction of the consumption of alcohol-free beverages in their existing alcohol and drug policies or amend their disciplinary rules and procedures.”

Navigating the enforcement of rules regarding alcohol-free drinks in the workplace, especially within remote work settings, presents a range of complexities, including challenges related to monitoring, privacy, potential misunderstandings, and their impact on employee morale and productivity.

“To effectively address these issues, employers can adopt a strategic approach encompassing clear communication, trust in employees’ responsible choices, educational initiatives, adaptable policies, the formulation of remote work guidelines, and the implementation of confidential reporting mechanisms. This holistic strategy strikes a balance between respecting privacy and optimising productivity,” Chris Garner explained.

Clarifying The Rules On Alcohol-Free Drinks

According to Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services, consuming alcohol-free drinks in the workplace is not inherently illegal, and it depends on the client’s stance and their desire to regulate employee behaviour while on the job.

“Alcohol-free beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits won’t make your staff drunk at work, and while they are welcome alternatives in a social setting, employers should ask themselves if they would be happy with their staff consuming such beverages at work. It is up to the individual employer, of course, but overall, it tends to be about the perception that alcohol is being consumed. It raises questions about whether the consumption of alcohol-free beverages projects the right professional image or could make enforcing rules around prohibiting alcohol consumption at work a little bit harder,” Chris Garner shared.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services can assist in establishing a clear stance on alcohol-free drink consumption within workplace policies. If clients choose to prohibit alcohol-free drinks in their workplace, Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services can help them effectively communicate and enforce this policy.

“We can also provide guidance on monitoring employee compliance, considering the challenges posed by the resemblance between alcohol-free drinks and alcoholic beverage containers,” Chris Garner stated.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services offers this comprehensive range of services designed to help clients ensure their alcohol policies remain up-to-date:

  • Policy Review & Development: A team of experts specialising in tailoring policies to align with the changing expectations of the workplace will guide clients through the process of reviewing and updating their alcohol policies, incorporating regulations related to alcohol-free drinks.
  • 24/7 HR Support: This provides unlimited, round-the-clock HR employment services available every day of the year. Dedicated HR advisors are well-versed in various industry sectors, ensuring clients receive personalised guidance and support. Clients get access to a designated advisor who is an expert in their business sector.
  • Document Expertise: Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services assists clients in securing airtight contracts and documents. This includes helping clients draft policies that explicitly address the consumption of alcohol-free drinks in the workplace.

Crafting Clearer Policies On Alcohol Usage

For clients looking to enforce or update workplace alcohol policies in line with UK laws, Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services strongly advises speaking with the HR advisor assigned to them. The experts possess in-depth knowledge of UK regulations and can offer tailored guidance to ensure policies are both compliant and practical.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services assures clients that by working closely with these advisors, they can create or refine policies that address specific workplace needs, promote safety, and align with legal requirements. According to the HR outsourcing service, the designated HR advisor is a valuable resource to help clients navigate the nuances of alcohol policies effectively and in accordance with the law.

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